Tietan make fiberglass potable and industrial water tanks are internationally quality standards, which are manufactured in our own city Doha. They are strong, durable and can resist any bacterial algae and fungus to provide clean drinking water. Tietan tanks are made of best quality food grade polyester resin

Features of TIETAN Fiberglass Tanks

  • Our cylindrical vertical water tank capacity depends on customer order dimensions.
  • Our fiberglass (GRP) water tanks are manufactured using the best quality orthophathalic polyester resin approved by the Water Research Council, U.K. suitable for using with potable water and approved by Lloyd’s register, London.
  • Our fiberglass (GRP) water tanks are manufactured using best quality fiberglass reinforcements conforming to BS 3749.
  • The water tanks are manufactured under strictly hygienic conditions and are designed to ensure that there is no accumulation of dirt, dust and algae formation on the contact skin of the tank with water.
  • Tietan make tanks are not affected by ultra violet rays and have excellent weathering properties.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Tietan make tanks are fully guaranteed for 10 years against all manufacturing defects.